We are changing the world of ice cream with love for planet Earth and in a way that is healthy for the human body and soul. 
Experience the divine taste of raw ice creams made from 100 % natural BIO ingredients. 
No lactose, gluten or sugar is added. 
Discover the ice cream of the new age.

  • Raw
  • No lactose
  • No GMO and chemicals
  • Gluten-free

Rawito products contain only plant-based raw materials in organic quality. In other words, they are either fresh or processed at low temperatures of up to 42 °C. Their nutritional and enzymatic qualities are thus preserved.

No lactose

No animal-based milk, dairy products or other raw materials containing lactose are used in our production.

No GMO and chemicals

We only work with genetically pure foods without colourants, preservatives and synthetic stabilizers.


All Rawito ice-cream products are 100 % gluten-free. No raw materials containing gluten are processed in the production plant.

Space donut

Ice cream

Full creamy flavour. Coconut, peanut or cashew milk is the base ingredient.

The light taste of a fruit sorbet. The base ingredient is 100 % organic fruit.

We produce ice cream with ethical values ​​and sustainable development in view.

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The high-quality ingredients and environmentally-friendly technology guarantee the exceptional taste of our ice cream

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Our production process is friendly to nature and human health. Rawito has a BIO certificate.

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What raw dark chocolate is

The dark chocolate consists of 75 % cocoa beans and 83 % in the bitter chocolate. The dark chocolate consists also coconut sugar, virgin coconut oil, baobab and maca powder.




What raw light chocolate is

The white chocolate consists of cocoa butter Criollo. It also consists of coconut sugar, baobab powder, lucuma powder.


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