Apricot - A light raw ice cream made from sweet apricots in a bitter chocolate coating. A classic refreshing taste delivered in a unique fashion.
Cranberries - Raw cranberry ice cream in a chocolate coating with hazelnuts.
Banana - Raw sweet banana ice cream delivered in a unique fashion in a bitter chocolate coating. Bananas in the most delicious coating you have ever tasted.

Goji Berries - An exquisite raw ice cream with an extra large amount of Chinese wolfberries coated with bitter chocolate. A healthy treat for connoisseurs.
Chocolate - Raw chocolate ice cream - an incredibly full chocolate flavour. Coated in chocolate with hazelnuts. 

Pineapple - Light raw ice cream made from juicy pineapples in a bitter chocolate coating. A delicious refreshment delivered in a non-traditional fashion.
Vanilla & dates – in white chocolate - A cashew-based raw vanilla-date ice cream. A classic ice cream coated in white chocolate!
Peanut butter - Raw ice cream made from real peanut butter in a chocolate coating sprinkled with chopped peanuts. A velvety taste delivered in a luxurious fashion.
Coconut - Juicy raw ice cream from the best organic coconuts in a bitter chocolate coating. An exotic trip to a virgin beach with coconut palms.
Apple & Plum - A light juicy raw ice cream from apples, plums and cinnamon in a bitter chocolate coating. A surprisingly strong taste that you will remember.
Vanilla & dates - A raw vanilla-date ice cream in a chocolate coating with almonds. A classic ice cream made in a unique way. 

SPACE DONUT – Wild berries - Lyophilised delicacy with berry flavour. Cranberry and blueberry, how you never tasted them before. Concentrated flavour and irresistible scent of forest.
SPACE DONUT – Pineapple - Lyophilised freeze caramelised pineapple delicacy. Light fruity taste with exotic scent.
SPACE DONUT – Chocolate and coconut - Lyophilosed chocolate and coconut delicacy. Rich taste of chocolate completed with sweet-smeling coconut.
SPACE DONUT – Coconut - Lyophilised premium delicacy made from the best organic coconut.
SPACE DONUT – Vanillla and dates - Lyophilised delicacy made of dates flavored with bourbon vanilla. Pure taste!
SPACE DONUT – Peanut butter - Lyophilised peanut delicacy. Creamy delicate flavor, that hooks you irrevocably.