Raw Law with Love

Environmentally friendly and healthy for your body


In the beginning, there was inspiration. A Garden of Eden, full of nature’s gifts on the island of Jamaica, gave Ondra the idea to make an ice cream for our modern time. 100% natural. Without any lactose, gluten, stabilisers, dyes, flavourings or added sugar. From just the purest ingredients. Made using the principles of ethical and sustainable business.

The development took a year. A year was spent testing the technology, sampling and fine-tuning. Understanding the biology and chemistry of plants. The result was the first raw, organic ice cream in the world. 100% healthy and tasty. From simple ingredients and carefully processed. The Rawito Ice Dream!

The dream became a reality. The name certainly helps: Rawito comes from “Ra” (the Egyptian sun god) and “Wito” (modified form of the Latin word for “life”).

The divine taste of Rawito Ice Dream is not only the result of 100% natural organic ingredients, but, primarily, the enthusiasm for a responsible and conscious contribution to a better world.

Environmentalism and sustainability


What’s good for nature is good for us. Everything we do at Rawito was checked for sustainability and its environmental impact.

All the ingredients that we use to make our ice creams are organic. They come from responsible farmers, most of whom we personally know. None of the cocoa beans that we use are chemically treated or fertilised with synthetic fertilisers. Most of our raw materials are harvested manually with the utmost care for the soil and land of their country of origin.

All Rawito products carry an organic certificate. We minimise and thoroughly recycle our production waste. 100% of our organic waste is composted.

Our manufacturing process is set up to minimise water consumption. We are constantly trying to improve and seek ways to save every drop we can. We have relocated our manufacturing plant to the natural environment of the Šumava mountain range, where we have our own spring.

We use renewable energy, bought from Nano Energies, even though it’s more expensive.

Our ice cream bars’ packaging is made of 100% compostable materials. The upper box is from recycled paper. The transparent inner packaging is made from starch and is 100% biodegradable (compostable).

So the story goes

Rawito Ice Dream – ice cream for a new world.


Rawito is on an inspirational journey to find adventure. Step by step, we look for approaches to business in a conscious and beneficial way. We are looking for new methods of deciding what is good and what is not. We want to make sure Rawito is good for our planet, humans and every living thing.

The first organic raw ice cream bar in the world is just the beginning…


New website

Rawito is five years old. The company celebrated its new birthday by launching a new e-shop and has started shipping ice cream to almost all of Europe. We can deliver it packaged in dry ice to your doorstep. Have you placed your order?


It’s time for the world’s biggest organic products trade fair – Biofach in Germany. Now the whole world knows that the first organic raw ice cream bars are called Rawito and come from the Czech Republic.
no sugar

Even closer to nature

Rawito is moving to a new home. We now make our products in the beautiful Šumava mountains using water from our own spring. In our plant, which has an area of 1,500 m2, we develop new flavours and concoct new plans.

15,000 fans

Rawito also feels at home on social networks. We have celebrated our 15,000th fan and are looking forward to more. Contests, pictures from our events, new flavours – our fans know everything first.

Vikings and ice cream?

Northern Europe also needed to learn about us. That’s why we went to the Natural Products Scandinavia trade fair in Malmö, Sweden, where the Nordic market opened up for us. The descendants of the fearsome Vikings have exchanged their weapons for the best organic raw ice cream bars in the world.

New product

Dry ice cream? Here’s an idea only Ondra could come up with. The result is a great snack that looks like a biscuit with a hole in the middle – a limited edition of freeze-dried ice cream called Space Donuts.

Our ice cream on TV NOVA

The story of Rawito has reached the media. How did the first idea turn into a real manufacturing plant? How can you make your big dream come true without harming our planet? Ondra talked about that and more on the Víkend programme on TV NOVA.

Tours for children

Who wouldn’t want to know how we make the first organic raw ice cream in the world? Children love ice cream and we at Rawito love children. So we put the two together. We offer tours of our manufacturing plant for summer camps and schools. We always have a lot of fun.

Expanding our sales network

More and more shops want to sell our ice cream. In 2016, Rawito was sold at 150 points of sale.

…and the world is happy

Rawito has successfully entered the market in Germany and the UK: our products can now be bought from the Alnatura and Planet Organic retail chains.

We’re off to see the world…

We’re going to look for new customers in Europe. We have a stand at the trade fairs Veggie World in Düsseldorf and Natural and Organic Products in London.

We know who we buy from

We have started developing personal relationships with small organic farmers in Africa. Ghana (cashews and coconut), Madagascar (vanilla), Tunisia (dates) and Côte d’Ivoire (cocoa beans)

Onwards to our customers!

We deliver our ice cream in style – we’ve bought our first solar-powered Rawito delivery bicycle. Our Ice Dream Bike. Being able to ride it is considered a reward at the company.

Our first trade fair

We proudly presented Rawito at our first public event – the Biostyl trade fair in Prague. Giving people a taste of great ice cream is a joy. And the interest was huge.

Can’t do it without machines

Demand grew rapidly and we needed better equipment. Making 1,000 ice creams a day requires special technology.

Our first manufacturing plant

Ondra has started pursuing his dream big-time.  He rented the first building for small-scale production: 120 m2 in Všestary, near Prague. Here the first Rawito flavours were developed and from here they were delivered to our first customers.

…it’s called Rawito!

Rawito comes from “Ra” (the Egyptian sun god) and “Wito” (modified form of the Latin word for “life”). Rawito are the world’s first organic raw ice cream bars.

The first ice cream bar is here…

After the difficult development of a technology and manufacturing process, Ondra reached his goal and started hand-making the raw ice cream bars he’d dreamed of. Tasty, healthy and made using the principles of ethical and sustainable business. Without any added sugar, fat or stabilisers. 

An idea is born

Our founder Ondra loves to travel. He also loves people, the sun and nature. On a trip to Jamaica, all of those came together and became a single idea. To make an ice cream from the planet’s purest ingredients. The tastiest ice cream full of sun. Organic raw ice cream bars.

Basically Raw

“Ice Dream” – the first raw organic ice cream in the world


Rawito is a unique brand with a unique concept. Our products only contain organic, raw vegetable ingredients. This means they are either used fresh or carefully processed in temperatures below 42°C. This allows us to retain all their nutritional and enzyme qualities.



We do not use any animal ingredients, milk or milk products.


We only use genetically pure ingredients.

No chemicals

Rawito products are made without dyes, synthetic stabilisers or preservatives.


We only use high-quality raw ingredients of plant origin.
no sugar

BIO certificates

Our products are certified by Biokont as compliant with European standards.


Our ice creams are 100% gluten-free. Our plant does not process any materials containing gluten.

Standards & Certificates

Farmer friendly

We support farmers’ family businesses on the other side of the planet.

Because we care about quality, we only choose the best organic ingredients grown in their natural environment. We personally know the suppliers of our individual ingredients, even if they’re located on the other side of the world. 80% of our suppliers are small farms or family businesses in Africa. We’re contributing to the natural development of working conditions everywhere where the ingredients for our products are grown.

Peanut butter

GrowTech, Egypt

Our Egyptian supplier grows, cultivates and processes peanuts using organic methods. Their process is perfectly tuned step by step for a healthy planet.


Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania

The growers of the best cocoa in Tanzania, of organic quality, pay great attention to clean soil, clean water and a good life for small farmers. They say: “What’s good for the local farmers is good for cocoa.” And this includes a healthy environment.


Merrill Natura, Peru

Supplier of typical Peruvian crops grown organically with respect for nature and the local people. Merrill Natura wishes to set an example to other growers with its honest and sustainable approach to the environment.


Truecoco, Ghana

From Ghana, we import the best coconut we’ve found in the world. It’s grown in certified organic quality by people who care about every detail of the process. The farmers are happy smiling people who are paid fairly for their work.


Mimcashew Farm, Ghana

A family farm that grows cashews of organic quality on the border between a rainforest and savannah. Friendly people who dream of a healthy and strong country.


Altalanga Acianda Agricola, Italy

At this organic farm, they claim they “cultivate their beloved land in a new spirit for new generations”. They look for new ways to grow hazelnuts sustainably and responsibly. And they’re great at it.


Doudjebel Farm, Tunisia

A certified organic farm that believes its mission is to teach the world to see the date as the jewel of a healthy natural diet. A juicy and sweet pearl fit for every table.


The Madagascar Vanilla Company

Hand-picked and carefully inspected vanilla from the Vanilla Company organic farm in Madagascar. Its motto: “Don’t settle for anything less than the best vanilla in the world.”


Italian Almond, Italy

“Everyone should give the world their best. And our best is organic almonds grown in the Italian sun on a healthy soil without chemicals, cared for every day by us.”


B’Ayoba, Zimbabwe

Baobab from small local farmers grown in organic quality. With respect to sustainability and the life conditions of those who take care of the plants from a seed to oil in a bottle.