Filtered water

The spring of life

Water, and in particular its quality, is very important to our life. Normal water is, unfortunately, significantly affected by industrial and agricultural pollution. We have, therefore, decided to further treat the water used in our production with special multifunctional filtering and ionization equipment. With the use of three filters, this process harmonizes and ionizes the water, maintains a stable alkaline pH of 8.5, and above all, eliminates or radically reduces the content of the many harmful substances that are commonly found in water today. (e.g. nitrates, surfactants, petroleum substances, traces of herbicides, insecticides and hormones, residues of organic chlorine compounds, and residues of heavy metals). It also improves the taste and colour of the water and removes the turbidity, odour and chlorine from the water.
Thanks to this depth filtration, dead water becomes live water again.
Water is the primary source of life, and it plays a key role in a healthy and happy life.