Irish moss

Health concealed in a single seaweed

Irish moss is the most common algae growing around Ireland. It is a kind of seaweed, which due to its nutritional values falls among the superfoods. It contains high amounts of collagen, which is the basic material of the body of all mammals. Around 30% of the human body consists of precisely this substance, concretely the eyes, hair, skin, nails, joint organs, tendons and teeth. A considerable part of the population suffers from a lack of collagen due to modern eating habits, such as eating only lean meat or a diet discriminating collagen. Irish moss plant is the best source of collagen in the world. Today, again, is slowly gaining its deserved popularity not only as an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, but also as a great helper in the kitchen when preparing various dishes.

Health Benefits: 

  • It removes radiation and toxic substances from the body.
  • It is suitable for treating a range of problems from bladder disturbances, bronchitis, intestinal problems, infectious joint swelling, lung problems, thyroid problems, to tuberculosis. It nourishes the joints and ligaments.
  • It also helps against ulcers and cancers.
  • It has antiviral effects, nourishes skin, hair and helps with fraying and breaking nails.
  • It also slows aging of organs and skin.

Vitamins and Minerals: It’s rich in collagen and vitamins A, D, E, F, K, calcium, iodine, sulfur, potassium and selenium.

Country of origin: Ireland