Goji berries

Chinese youth berries

Goji berry, also dubbed the „red blueberry“, is one of the jewels of traditional Chinese medicine. It is used throughout China for centuries as a rejuvenating fruit. The plant thrives in alkaline soil (pH about 8). It contains more beta-carotene than carrots, which also indicates its distinctive red color. It is an excellent source of energy and vitality.

Health Benefits:

  • Goji berry has anti-inflammatory effects significantly strengthens the immune system, harmonizes the liver and kidneys, lungs moisturizes, soothes irritated eyes and improves eyesight.
  • Slows skin aging, protects our skin from UV radiation is a powerful antioxidant. It promotes healthy blood, which improves male erection and semen quality.

Vitamins and minerals:Contains vitamins B1, B2, B6 and E. The fruit contains 18 kinds of amino acids, essential trace elements (such as zinc, iron, copper, calcium, germanium, selenium and rare).

Country of origin: Tibet