Sour medicine from the Canadian forests

Cranberries grow on trees and resemble bluberries. Due to high amount of contained nutritives, cranberries are among so called “superfoods”. They help with inflammation of the urinary tract. They are the best known natural product to cure and prevent this illness. They bond various bacteries and prohibit them from adheriting to the walls of digestive tract and urinary tracts. At the same time they contain surprisingly low amount of calories.

Health Benefits:

  • Linings of cranberries fastens healing of open wounds.
  • They are a natural antioxidant, acts against inflammation of eye conjuctives.
  • They strenghten the organism to prevent infection.
  • They help to cure cancer of prostate, liver, breast, ovary and thick bowel.
  • They prevent the establishment of bacteria and yeast spreading.
  • They prevent caries. They are amazing in preventing cold and flu.

Vitamins and Minerals: Cranberries are source of vitamins C, A, K, Magnesium, Mangan, Phosphorus and Potassium.

Country of origin: Canada