About Rawito

The Environment & Sustainability

What is good for nature is good for us as well. We assess the sustainability and environmental impact of every step we take in Rawito. We believe that it is possible to do business in an ethical manner towards people and all other living things. Every day, we look for more paths that lead to this goal.

For that reason:

  • All the raw materials we use in the production of our ice cream are organic and come from responsible agriculturists. Not one cocoa bean or plum was chemically treated. All the raw materials we use are in organic quality, and most of them are harvested manually by our suppliers.
  • All the Rawito products have a BIO certificate.
  • We minimize production waste as much possible. However, a certain amount of waste is generated, and we sort it thoroughly. Ninety-nine percent of the waste is made up of peels, cores, leaves, and shells. Put simply, it is organic waste that we compost.
  • We use environmentally friendly means for cleaning our production areas.
  • Our production process is set so as minimize water consumption. We work towards constantly improving our production process and look for ways to save every drop we can.
  • We use energy from renewable sources in our production, even when it comes at the price of increased production costs.
  • The packaging of the ice cream products is made of materials that can be easily recycled.  The outer packaging box is made of recycled and recyclable paper. The inner, translucent, starch-based packaging is 100 % biodegradable (compostable).
  • To sell ice cream in the city, we use electric bikes that are self-sufficient in terms of energy.