About Rawito

How did the idea to make healthy ice cream come about?

The initial idea of making healthy ice cream came when I was starting another chapter of my life. After a long period of stress around October 2015, I decided to travel to the island of Jamaica, where I spent nine weeks. Jamaica’s rich variety, vibrant colors and positive energy can be seen in the concept of Rawito. After a short time watching the local people, I found that they were willing to wait for hours in the line at a popular ice cream shop and then meet in the park during the ritual of eating it. While witnessing this, it made me want to have ice cream. Unfortunately, my eating habits and unwillingness to wait in the long line prevailed over the desire.
I was always keeping up with a healthy diet so I had some idea about the composition of a healthy ice cream. The word ‘healthy’ does not exactly fit in Jamaica, although residents mainly eat fruits, vegetables, fish and all sorts of things from wildlife. So it was then when I started looking into how to produce a tasty and healthy ice cream.

How did it start?

First I gathered all the available information on ice cream, its production and composition. Coincidentally, two weeks after my return from Jamaica, the largest tradeshow for equipment for bakers, confectioners and ice cream in Europe was going on. So I set off to Rimini, Italy where they were presenting the largest ice cream producers and facilities in the world. Upon inspecting the best technology from the ice cream industry, I was told that the idea of producing ice cream made from fresh ingredients without the use of sugar, animal milk and various hazardous stabilizers is nice, but highly unrealistic. They all recommended semi powder type, which had nothing in common with the real taste of natural ingredients, not to mention healthy benefits. To my disbelief I didn’t manage to find a single manufacturer that would work only with fresh ingredients. This gave me the determination to pursue the project, which has undoubtedly become my new passion.

How was it with the manufacturing?

Starting the project was quite demanding, I came across a series of bureaucratic hurdles and obligations. During several months of the preparatory phase I was supported by the whole family, which has had a significant share in the total undertaking. I am also quite thankful to my sister’s neighbor, a former university chemistry professor. His knowledge of the laws of physics and laboratory equipment helped me put together a unique composition of ice cream. The exact ratio of each ingredients used are a trade secret, however. Even the chocolate has a similar story – through a number of mistakes I initially lost over 50 kg cocoa mass before I met one of the best chocolatiers in the Czech Republic, who let me take a peak into 20 years of his experience. Thanks to him I found that agave syrup is a big no no when it comes to making quality chocolate! As a reminder of this awaking I still quite often have rather vivid chocolate dreams.

What is needed for the manufacturing?

Professional equipment for commercial ice cream is very expensive. After surveying the market in the Czech Republic and abroad, I realized that there were two possibilities. One was the purchase of equipment for a small-scale operation. The second option was to purchase an industrial size version, where the price and capacity is ten times greater. The difference offers a considerably bigger efficiency at a much higher price. With this in mind, I hoped to acquire a pre-owned industrial version at a reasonable price. After a month of rigorous searching and talking to dozens of companies in the Czech Republic, Italy and other countries, I began to doubt that I would be able to get such machine. I simply couldn’t find a used machine at an affordable price. Summer was approaching and I was starting to settle for a cheaper, smaller ice cream maker. As I was sorting out a deposit on one, I got a phone call from a local confectioner, Mr. Hajek, who had heard about my ice cream project and offered me a machine that was not used for years and in mint condition. I could not believe it. When I saw the machine, I realized that it would mean no small production, and that with this beast we could make the product available to the general public and even outside the Czech Republic. At that moment I stopped believing in coincidences. I bought the machine, leased a factory and started the product development. For whatever reason my closest friends were getting a bit apprehensive about such a big investment and undertaking. However, I knew I was on the right path. As luck would have it, when looking for a suitable place for manufacturing, I came across a place that surpassed all my expectations. And similar „coincidences“ were presented to me on a daily basis.

Where did the name Rawito come from?

Initially, the ice cream had a different name. My original idea was completely different. The graphic designer came up with a logotype, visual style, packaging for ice cream and design for the website. The problem arose when I wanted to register the trademark. There were dozens or maybe even hundreds of brands having the same name, even in the related industries. So we had to start from scratch – with a much bigger enthusiasm – until a series of six letters „R-A-W-I-T-O“ appeared. It was evident that this was it. We had it, randomly stacked letters (at that moment, without any deeper meaning) seemed to be it. The industrial property database wasn’t showing any listing of this kind. The world had no similar name as of yet. A few days later, I went to see my astrology-savvy friend, Věra Várady and told her all about the new name. She explained that the combination of letters like „Ra“ meant the highest ancient Egyptian sun god symbolizing joy and „Wito“ was derived from the Latin translation of „life.“ The name Rawito has a fascinating way of interpretation and a number of possible pronunciations such as Rawííto, Rawito, Rowita, roit … Everyone can pick what he/she likes best.

What about the indgredients?

Ingredients are without a doubt the most important and essential element of Rawito. From the very beginning I had a clear intention to use only raw organic materials grown with respect for nature and people. This ethical principle is very important, even though at the same time it considerably increases the cost of the final product. One of the main components of Rawito ice cream is hand peeled cashew nuts. They come from a small family farm in Brazil, which has the international organic certificate and does not use any technology to facilitate peeling (for example, roasting or steaming). We try our best to reduce the price of the ingredients by sourcing it directly from manufacturers instead of European distributors. We take the quality of ingredients very seriously. We put considerable effort into checking and verifying it. We prefer local manufacturers. This way we can offer customers the raw ingredients of the highest possible quality.

And what do the ice cream lovers say?

After the launch of Rawito ice cream, we started experiencing a high demand. The excitement about the taste and overall concept came from not only health food retailers, but nutritionists and counselors, who were the first ones to offer Rawito to their clients and recommend the consumption of raw ice cream. Needless to say that until that time, consumption of ice cream wasn’t deemed a particularly healthy thing to do. Rawito fans have been a source of inspiration and proof that this concept is the right thing for us to do. Savvy and health conscious parents are very much satisfied by the availability of Rawito, organic raw ice cream.

Not long after introducing Rawito to general public, interest started pouring in from all corners of the Czech Republic and abroad. Next came Slovakia hearing about healthy ice cream, immediate interest came from Italy. We were contacted by someone from Bologna, home of the largest ice cream academy with its own museum. Bologna hosts an annual international ice cream tradeshow where manufacturers share their knowledge. The interest in Rawito ice cream has been overwhelming and I have been very pleased by it. I am quite happy to be a part of this ice cream evolution.

Founder of the company: Ondřej Horáček


What is raw ice cream

What does our ice cream contain and what is our magic?


It contains only organic quality raw ingredients. Thus fresh or carefully processed up to 42 ºC, so that all nutrition and enzymatic values are preserved.

Gluten Free

All our ice cream is 100% gluten-free. Our production is not exposed to any ingredients containing gluten.

No added sugars

Our ice cream contains only sugars naturally found in fruits. It doesn’t contain any added sweeteners or sugars.


Our ice cream is hand made with sustainable energy sources. All waste is ecologically disposed.

Organic certification

Production is certified by Biokont and it is in accordance with European standards and certificates.

Dairy Free

Our ice cream is completely dairy free, lactose free, casein free, free from all animal derived product, 100% vegan.

Without preservatives or GMO

We work with only genetically clean ingredients, everything is 100% GMO free. We do not use preservatives or synthetic stabilizers.

Rawito is both healthy and tasty!

Rawito meets the highest demands on quality of ingredients and the final product. The hand-made production is preceded by a long development and sampling to ensure the greatest possible satisfaction in taste.